One Touch lecture Recording & Streaming

Simple control with button panel Purpose-built hardware appliance Fully remote controlled
  • Pre-configured system for studio recordings, eliminating the need and expense of designing and programming a studio recording system.
  • One touch simple recording and streaming - Automates all functions for a simplified recording studio where a single button press starts recording. Operation is simple and intuitive, with no support staff required.
  • Provides high quality video and audio for an improved virtual learning experience.
  • Works with any HDMI camera or video source - Supports any camera, laptop, or mobile device up to 1080p.
  • Publish to USB drive, network share, or enterprise video platform.
  • Records MP4 media files that are compatible with virtually any media player - Recordings are compatible with virtually any software media player, computer, or mobile device.
Quality Recordings for Any Application

Extron’s high performance scaling and flexible signal processing enable superior recording of nearly all HDMI source resolutions. Using the embedded web page, it is easy to customize the default configuration to meet the needs of many applications. We make it easy to live stream engaging remote Students through youtube, google meet Etc


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