Home theatres have become affordable now. ARIES has launched THE WORLD’S FIRST EVER one of a kind READY-MADE HOME THEATRE SYSTEM-the perfect device that lets you create that multiplex visit experience within the comfiness and confines of your home. Affordable and inclusive of all the new technological features in the market, ARIES Ready-made home theatre lends you that unique home theatre experience. We have the answer to all of your wants and queries and offers a hassle-free ordering and setting up experience.


ARIES DM READY MADE HOME THEATRES presents first of its kind ready-made home theatres, built to be in tune with world class main theatres in visual and sound effects. Built with durable materials that can be used even outdoors, these airconditioned home theatres come equipped with acoustic doors and interiors, automated lighting and sound systems, theatre screens and seats, carpet, high quality projector etc. ARIES DM READY- MADE HOME THEATRE aims to bring in affordable home theatre experiences even to homes that are yet to buy a television set.
1) Aries Ready- Made Home theatres can be ordered online, just as how you order your, Television or Washing Machine over Amazon/Flipkart.
2) We deliver all over India.
3) Same day installation on the day of purchase itself by our installation team.
4) ARIES Ready- Made Home theatres can be installed with the confines of your home -even on the terrace of your home or it’s premises according to the space available at your home.
Initially ARIES DM Ready Made Home theatres are available in the sizes.
  • 1. 8ft*12ft (4-seater)
  • 2. 8ft*16ft (7-seater)
  • 3. 10ft*18ft (9-seater)
  • 4. 12ft*20ft(11-seater)
This ambitious project has been brought to fruition by the concerted efforts of Dr. Sohan Roy, CEO of ARIES GROUP OF COMPANIES, a multinational conglomerate in the Middle East with 57 companies operating in 16 countries all over the world, in collaboration with Mr. Sony Jose, Managing Director of DIGITAL MEDIA, Kottayam, Kerala.
Dr. Sohan Roy has also made his mark in the world of films with the Oscar enlisted movie DAM 999 -the screen play of which was added to the permanent core collection in the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture and Arts.

About US

All ready for a Cinema theatre experience at your own home? Buy online your Home theatre and go for an immersive home theatre experience! In these times when the pandemic has affected the Cinema industry drastically, Home theatres have rejuvenated hopes of resurrection. With a multitude of OTT platforms available these days, Home Theatres have become highly popular. Aries DM Pvt. Ltd. is your one stop solution for readymade home theatres pan India! Our professional team will complete the installation within days of delivery of the home theatres. Our main objective is to set up home theatres with minimum costs in houses without facilities or rooms available. It can be set up as an independent unit on the terrace, adjacent to the house or outside the house as per convenience.
Aries DM Pvt. Ltd. is the joint venture which is the brain-child of Dr. Sohan Roy & Mr. Sony Jose. Dr. Sohan Roy is the CEO of Aries Group of Companies headquartered in UAE and operations spread across 17 countries. He is the Director & Producer of the Hollywood venture DAM999 which has found its mark in the global Cinema world. DAM999 won nominations in 5 diverse categories in the Oscar Library. Mr. Sony Jose is the director of Digital Media, Kottayam. Plans are on the anvil to distribute 1000 home theatres per year through this joint venture.

Choose Your Readymade Theater

In the first phase home theatres are available at costs 3.9 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs in 4 different sizes:

12 X 8 FEET

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16 X 8 FEET

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18 X 10 FEET

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20 X 12 FEET

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Aries DM- Main Features

  • All home theatres are built to be in tune with world class main theatres in visual and sound effects.
  • The air-conditioned home theatres come equipped with acoustic doors & interiors, automated lighting & sound systems, Theatre screen & seats, Carpet, high quality projector etc.
  • The home theatres are built with durable materials that can be used outdoors.


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